Particleboard panels

Kopine Fine and Fine MR

Kopine Fine and Fine MR are medium density particleboard panels available in a range of thicknesses from 9 to 30mm.   Made from sustainably-grown New Zealand plantation pine, the board is an ideal substrate for laminate and veneer finishes and for furniture and shelving.

  • Formaldehyde emission meets E1
  • 2440 x 1200mm sheet size
  • Six thickness options from 9mm to 30mm
  • Fine MR has an added resin to provide water resistance to allow occasional exposure to higher humidity or moisture.

Kopine Fine is not suitable for high moisture areas such as shower enclosures, steam rooms and saunas.

Kopine Flake

Kopine Flake is an engineered particleboard with a coarser structure and a rougher surface texture than Kopine Fine or Fine MR.  Popular for its look, Flake isn’t designed to cope with high moisture or humidity conditions.

  • Formaldehyde emission meets E1
  • Two sheet sizes – 2440 x 1200mm and 2440 x 1220mm
  • Three thickness options – 9, 12 and 18mm